Renting Tents for your summer parites

Six Tips For Making Good Choices Concerning Tent Rental and Supplies


Are you having a fun party this coming summer? Have you considered doing a tent rental? It could add a new level to your party, especially if you plan on having a lot of kids there.

Sometimes the right event only needs the right tent.

Six Things To Consider With Your Summer Party Rentals


You want the entrance to look appealing in some way. No one wants to come to a boring summer party(no matter what the theme is).

Do you remember one of the beginning scenes in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One? They had that large tent for the wedding. That is the type of appeal you want. We are not saying that you need to make it over the top(like in the movie), but your canopy rental should entice the party goers to find out more.


Do you plan on having a guest DJ and food partition for the party? You need to plan for that. That means your canopy rental needs to be large enough for your guests, the DJ, and food.

Wait! What about dancing?

Do you want to go big with a dancing party? Plan on including that in the rental fees.
Most canopy rentals that come with a DJ and food partition charge at about $275 a pop and that is on the low end of the scale. You might have to spend more than $300 depending on the size of the party and the guest list.

Summer parties get expensive.


The next thing to talk about is the AC situation. Hey, it is summertime. It gets hot. Do you plan on having AC units to cool your guests down? You might want to think about it.

You should plan on between $500-5,0000. Summer parties get expensive(especially during peak times).


You need to think about the number of people you want at your party. There are some packages available. That number will be included in the table and chair rentals. Some of the packages include one for 75 people( that will include the table and chair rentals).

You will spend at least $3500. Do you want to invite up to 100 people? That will cost you another $1,000. A tent package that holds 75-240 people can run up to $7700( depending on size, scope, and what you need).


The tables and chairs have a cost of their own. Tables will run you at least $14 for each one. Chairs will be about $12(that is on the low end of the spectrum too).


The lighting is the next issue. Every option has a different cost. Would you like to have a mix of par lighting and crystal chandeliers? The par lighting will run you about $500( give or take). The chandeliers will run you about $130 for every chandelier you require.

Two will run you at least $760.


You cannot forget about the anchors needed for the tents. You could be charged anywhere from .30 cents to $5 for one anchor. Tent rentals in Phoenix are a must with the scorching heat, and are always broken down into sections.

One final thing to consider with the rental is the curtains. Some suppliers will charge $5 for one curtain while others are going to charge more. Something to think about as you plan your summer party.